Oral surgery

Oral surgery covers all aspects of surgery to the mouth, usually that which is beyond the scope of a dentist. Patients are referred for specialist management by their dentists and GPs. This can cover treatment for everything from wisdom teeth removal to the treatment of oral cancer.

Salivary gland surgery

My-oral surgery diagnoses and treats salivary gland conditions. This treatment covers all aspects, whether it be management of salivary gland blockages or a salivary gland removal.

TMJ surgery

TMJ surgery covers surgery to the Temporo-Mandibular Joint, or the jaw joint. This is complex surgery, utilising minimally invasive techniques including TMJ arthroscopy. My-oral surgery offer a comprehensive TMJ treatment programme, working closely with dedicated physiotherapists and dentists.

Wisdom teeth

My-oral surgery routinely carries out removal of impacted wisdom teeth, with skill and care.

Jaw cysts

Cysts of the jaw can be complex and require an understanding of their formation and removal techniques around the jaws and nerves. My-oral surgery provides advanced experience in the management of such cysts.

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