Facial trauma surgery

Facial trauma is also known as maxillofacial trauma and covers any trauma to the facial area and any disfigurement resulting from it. My-facial surgery specialises in dealing with trauma to the facial bones and soft tissues and offers the maximum amount of skill and know-how in this field.

Skin cancer

Skin cancer is one of the most common forms of cancer. Facial skin cancer should be treated immediately to prevent the possibility of the cancer spreading and, also, to prevent disfigurement. Melanomas, in particular, require the earliest possible treatment to avoid spreading to other organs in the body. My-facial surgery provides the utmost in knowledge and experience in dealing with skin cancer.

Facial reconstruction

My-facial surgery offers a caring and understanding expertise in the field of Facial reconstruction. Reconstruction may be needed after trauma, cancer or other illness, and reconstructing the face can lead a person to regain their self-confidence after such a devastating experience.

My-facial surgery has the specialist experience to undertake aesthetic and functional reconstruction and rehabilitation.

Facial Cosmetic Surgery (Eyes, Ears, Lips, Nose)

My-facial surgery carries out facial cosmetic surgery to the highest degree, producing outstanding results with the utmost precision and consideration. At my-facial surgery, we are fully aware that the biggest and best advertisement for our work is you.

We work hard to ensure the ultimate satisfaction and combine expertise with a sensitive and thoughtful approach.

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