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Health insurance

Mr Visavadia can advise on what procedures can be carried out under health insurance policies and also help with the process.

Please talk to Mr Visavadia during your initial consultation, or at the referral stage from your GP or Dentist.

Here are some of the (UK’s) main Health Insurance providers. Please click the relevant logo to take you to their contact pages.

International opinions

Mr Visavadia offers patients around the globe expert opinion and recommendation on the most advanced treatment options available. He will review each patient’s medical report and provide a comprehensive diagnosis, treatment option and medical recommendations.


Occasionally, medical treatment may not deliver the patient’s desired outcome. A business, and even a law enforcement body may need a professional medical opinion, to ascertain negligence or incompetence. In these difficult MLC’s (Medico-Legal Cases) Mr Visavadia will examine the medical case and report back with independent, professional opinion within his field of medicine.

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